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August 2013



Finding The Right Path in Life

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As we grew up this was a taboo to discuss or even question. We were taught that the religion or doctrine dictated to us in school is the right path in life without any further questions. You are not allowed to ask or to wonder even though “not everyone who wonders is lost”. I believe questioning and wondering will always lead you on the right path. You need to ask questions to get answers to believe, otherwise you are just a follower to what you found your ancestors doing which all religions came to earth to fight.praying
Religion is not a form of physical acts you do without understanding the rational behind it. It is a spiritual journey that guides you through life to lead you to the happy ending or heavens; the ultimate goal of life.
I was afraid to ask. I couldn’t negotiate or challenge anyone with questions as the answer was always: Don’t debate. Don’t argue.
What you can do is start reading. I realized that to find your right path in life you have to keep an open mind, start opening to others and observe their cultures and beliefs. The more you are exposed to the more you start getting a clearer picture.
Free yourself from all the guides you had built in your head. Start with a clean slate and don’t accept or reject any idea you are exposed to.
Beware of the “gurus” or whoever consider themselves a part of a cult. Cults usually position themselves asspiritual groups that control you mentally or physically.
Embrace uncertainty; nobody is absolutely sure about anything. Knowledge can never be absolute.
Don’t be polluted with what is going on around you: what others are reflecting isn’t a reflection of their religion. Religions have been altered to suit and benefit the strong parties in each culture till it was negatively presented.
Never compromise thinking for social acceptance or just to fit in. You were given a brain to think and challenge.
Religion and faith are more than a dress code, more than a booklet being shared by a tribe, and more than a guru sharing his/her wisdom in a TV show.
Faith is a nonstop spiritual journey of what you believe in.
In the end, I realized I believe in peace, in coexistence,and in accepting others and this is what I found all Abrahamic religions call for especially Islam.
Islam was the most misinterpreted religion. Some Muslims harmed Islam more than they benefitted it, but this will never ruin or affect the fact that Islam was found to help humanity prosper: “Mercy to all worlds”.
Till today Islam is being mistaken with terrorism, jihadists, degrading women, and unaccepting of others while the core values of Islam are peace, equality, and prosperity for all ages as far as mankind exists. In Islam you are asked to never stop learning or working till the end of the world. “If the Day of Judgment erupts while you are planting a new tree, carry on and plant it”. The first word in Quran was “Read”.
After embracing this faith I do believe that it is my role to share this with the world and to be a good Muslim as much as I can to represent a better image of this great religion.