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August 2013



On being a narcissist!

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A couple of weeks ago I met with some friends over coffee and as all friendly outgoing gatherings they can start by simple catching up talks and end with deep intellectual discussions about our futures, our beliefs, and what is next in life?

While sipping my espresso, a friend asked me why I am still based in Saudi, knowing that I’ve worked on many multinational projects over the region and I’ve had many chances to stay in a different country. My answer was: the country needs me as it needs all its youth spirit to build it. His reply was: don’t you feel this is narcissism? You are just an individual who won’t change the world by working in an office all day long or running around town fighting for women empowerment and equality.

I felt that this is where all our issues as a generation fall. We don’t believe in our importance and how impactful our small contributions are in building the national force that will empower us all.


A nation can’t be developed without the conjoined effort of all of us. We are going through a boom economically, intellectually, and socially. If you don’t jump in now and give your best and boost it, it will sail without you. It is not about the fina

ncial rewards –though eventually it’ll be rewarding- that make you want to be a part of this boom. It is the whole package; being able to make an im

pact, giving back to the society you grew up in and love, and the people who supported you throughout your life, while at the same time you gain the experience of your life. It is the sense of community and belonging to it.

I might sound overly optimistic or describe Utopia when I forecast our future here while all I am is just a girl who grew up in this country and knows how positive the future seems to be. Just a quick comparison: compare the last 40 y

ears of our history vs. all the positive and blessed changes that happened in the last decade and the ongoing and upcoming projects covering all sorts of developments.

If everything goes as projected, we will witness a massive evolution all through our lives and the quality of our living, managed and run by our youth blood. So, why would I give up all that for a career abroad? Why shouldn’t I be part of this? And why shouldn’t we all be a part of it? If this is called narcissism, then let’s all be narcissists and contribute to our gross national patriotic-narcissism.