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About Esra

Hello! Thank you for your interest.. let me introduce myself.. I’m Esra Assery..

I’m a mid 30s serial entrepreneur…

I started 3 businesses before the age of 30.. I have a burning fire that I’d love to call a driving force and a personal passion to empower females and create more job opportunities and financial independence for women in Saudi working force especially in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) across Saudi and to try as much as possible to promote more opportunities for women in the field. I’m also a fellow at the McCain Institute and vital voices focusing again on creating equal opportunities for women in tech and stem on a global scale.. and I’m one of 2 only female Endeavour entrepreneurs in Saudi.

On paper, I describe it all.. A girl with a 3rd culture background and serious identity issues turning into an insomniac people pleaser and over achiever… Today, I’d identify myself as a doer with a combination of a type A freaking organized person and a messy creative radical persona.. struggled a lot to identify myself and today I take pride in who I am and this would encourage everyone to just be themselves and find their driving force.

I’ve lived in 10+ cities in my 36 years on earth.
I studied computer engineering and MIS followed by a masters in business administration with a focus on global management and another masters in public administration and policy.. and I carry a very diverse experience in tech, coding, media, finance, strategy, and business.