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June 2013



I’m not superwoman; I just never cried in public.

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Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a multicultural Saudi woman in my late 20s, a daughter, a sister, a wife. You can call me an entrepreneur – the most over used word in the dictionary this decade- taking risks, accepting challenges, and going back and forth between starting new businesses and running projects. I also do consulting work in some agencies and firms in my field. My days are spent either working 12 hours or traveling to meet people and closing deals. On paper, this all sounds mind-blowing, a life every girl will dream of but in reality, it is all that plus the tension and stress.

This fast-paced life I’m living developed in me an inner personality that no one heard about or saw -the struggling warrior- and I believe each woman has her own warrior inside.

Everyone I meet can describe me as an outgoing person, always smiling, laughing and cheering everyone around me. But to be able to maintain the spirit, to wake up every morning with a smile from ear to ear, I developed a technique to balance the life around me. I had to admit I’m not a superwoman, but I’ll never cry in public. And then I started step by step adapting what I can call my remedy:

– Give myself a break for few minutes from everything around me.

– Never react or overanalyze anything.

– Prioritize relations and actions.

– Don’t escape; it will only make it worse.

– Unwind with good music, a book, and a cup of coffee daily.

– Drink a lot of water and get the needed food supplements and vitamins. (You should consult a physician on this first.)

– Always look at the bright side and stay positive; it always gets better.

– Keep a group of positive friends around you and be the friend you look for in others.

– In the end, it is always OK and acceptable to cry alone and wash out what is left of a hectic day or week.

Life is hard and it gets harder as we grow older. It is part of the package we all signed up for. It is how you accept it and react to it that matters. “A calm sea never made a skilled sailor.” So laugh, cry, scream, shout, dance, walk, eat, drink but never give up or let go. We are never superwomen; we just never cry in public.

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